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 Are We Headed Toward a Brain Cancer Epidemic?

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It should be noted that while there are a significant number of studies showing the biological effects of electromagnetic fields and radiofrequencies within the microwave range, the industry claims that since these technologies do not have a thermal (heating) effect on your body, they will not cause biological harm.

Alas, there are literally thousands of studies showing that this logic is incorrect. I’ve barely scratched the surface with the examples I listed above.

Clearly, to claim there is NO evidence of harm from cell phones and other non-thermal radiation is ludicrous at this point.

In addition, real-life is starting to show us the truth, just like we saw with smoking and the rise in lung cancer. Australia, for example, has seen an increase in pediatric brain cancers of 21 percent in just one decade.

This is consistent with studies showing a 40 percent brain tumor increase across the board in Europe and the U.K. over the last 20 years. In fact, brain cancer has now surpassed leukemia as the number one cancer killer in children.

If you still have doubts, I highly recommend reading the book Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution, written by Camilla Rees and Magda Havas, PhD., to get a better understanding of the facts on this important issue.

What Would the Warning Label Say?

Boland’s bill calls for the following statement to be prominently placed on every cell phone and all related packaging, on a non-removable label:

“Warning, this device emits electromagnetic radiation, exposure to which may cause brain cancer. Users, especially children and pregnant women, should keep this device away from the head and body.”

In addition, the bill, as currently written, requires the label to include the color graphic showing the electromagnetic absorption of a 5-year old child’s brain, as depicted in a 1996 study published by the IEEE on the effect of cell phone microwave emissions on the neck and head.

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