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GET OUTSIDE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. While indoors not only are you surrounded by sources of EMF but it also reflects and ricochets off walls and objects in the room, creating even denser electrical pollution. So getting outside, more often, will help you immensely. But be mindful of high EMF/EMR areas outisde too.

• As with inside the house, it is always a good idea to measure EMF/EMR in your outside environment, so you know the best place to sit and relax.
• Stay away from overhead or underground high power lines, electrical transformers, substations, cell phone towers etc.
In your own back yard, some areas that may have a detrimental effect on your health are:
• Near the power supply and supply cable
• Underground water, gas pipes, TV cable, TV antennae, phone lines, and metal fences. Sitting in steel frame lawn chairs is also not a good idea. Sitting away from the house will reduce your proximity to steel veranda supports and rails, aluminum soffits, fascia, and eaves troughs.

There are a lot of EMF protective devices and materials on the market and they do work but only under certain conditions. For instance there are protective fabrics that will deflect or absorb EMFs. So you may think it a good idea to line your bedroom with some of the more reflective fabric. This will only work if you have no sources of EMF inside the shielded area because they would bounce around inside the room, increasing your exposure. (If you were to do this you would have to make sure that the floor and ceiling are also lined.)

Fabric for protective clothing.
At first, I thought that the more protective the fabric the better. However, this isn’t the case. It can actually attract and retain EMFs instead of repel them.

Some fabrics need to be grounded. I have seen on the news, a woman in England who wears mesh over her head. This mesh needs to be grounded to dissipate the EMFs. I’m not sure about the ground current situation in England but in N. America, we have a terrible ground current problem so this is not a good idea. The current from stray electricity in the earth will run up the ground wire as well as down so you are at risk of shock and further injury.

One person has complained of having terrible pains in her head when she goes to bed. She wore a foil hat to protect against cell tower emissions.

This isn’t a very good idea. If you are being exposed to EMFs from any direction other than from the side or top, of your head, the EMFs will travel through your body and brain, out the top of your head; reflect off the shield and then travel back down through your brain and body, increasing your exposure.

I wear a hat made from NaturaShield fabric. I have lined a hat with it that I wear to go out and I also have a couple made only of this fabric for in the house and to sleep in. I wear a hat 24/7. When I first started wearing it I couldn’t believe the relief I got. My head instantly felt ten times cooler and most of the pressure was gone within days. This is the pain I mentioned earlier that I didn’t know was there.

This fabric is strong enough to reflect most of the ambient EMFs from the electrical paraphernalia around me but only partially blocks out the direct RF signals from cell towers and wifi. It also isn’t strong enough to attract EMFs to my head. In blocking the ambient EMFs it actually reduces my exposure which in turn helps my body deal with the stronger RF signals. It also lets the stronger exposures I may experience from an upward angle to my body, pass right through. Once in a while, when I start feeling pain on the top of my head, I take the hat off because it is usually something affecting me from below. This may happen more if you are on an upper floor of a building and there are EMF sources on the floor(s) below.

As with everything that can be used for protection against EMFs, some things work for some but not for others. I know people who have tried wearing ‘the hat’ and find it doesn’t help at all or gives them a headache. This may due to the direction and type of the exposure in their environment and/or their particular biology. It is all trial and error and you will need to be patient to find what works for you.

Although WEEP does not usually promote specific devices or commercial companies, I feel that in this instance if you don’t use the right fabric, you may injure yourself further. The NaturaShield fabric can be ordered on line at http://www.lessemf.com/fabric.html

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