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Not only do amalgam dental fillings attract EMF and electricity to your body, they create electrical current, and they contain mercury. Mercury is very toxic and is difficult for the human body to process and get rid of. Heavy metals in your body may have contributed to your getting sick in the first place. There are many ways in which you could have acquired heavy metal toxicity but dental amalgam fillings are a major source of contamination. It is not a single incident contamination but an ongoing leaching into the body. (see: Environment Canada's Mercury and the Environment, Health Concerns)
Dental Mercury is the Source of Two-Thirds of Mercury in the Population
Amalgam restorations consist of mercury, silver, tin, copper, and a trace amount of zinc.

The dental amalgam has two fundamental flaws that adversely affect a patient's health. The first fundamental flaw is that all amalgam metals are cations(a). The net result of the tendency for covalent(b), ionic and metallic bonding and van der Waals forces(c) between amalgam cations is a weak repulsion. So there is a sustained release of mercury and other metals from the amalgam into the body. Researchers have measured a daily release of mercury on the order of 10 micrograms from the amalgam into the body. Mercury is a toxic metal; the most minute amount damages cells.

The second fundamental flaw is that there are five dissimilar metals in the amalgam. Galvanic(d) action between these metals in inevitable (the dissimilar metals form a battery). Galvanism produces electricity that flows through the body. The electric currents produced by the amalgam typically are between 0.1 and 10 microamps, compared to the body's natural electric current of 3 microamps.

The mercury challenges systemic functions of every individual and of developing fetuses, so it can lead to health problems and fetal malformations. Mercury leakage and its subsequent pathophysiologic effects are most often slow, insidious processes. So health problems caused by dental mercury poisoning are perceived many years after the amalgams are placed. (DAMS Inc. 1997 & 2005)

(a) An ion or group of ions having a positive charge and characteristically moving toward the negative electrode in electrolysis

(b) Of or relating to a chemical bond characterized by one or more pairs of shared electrons

(c) The relatively weak attractive forces that are operative between neutral atoms and molecules and that arise because of the electric polarization induced in each of the particles by the presence of other particles

(d) Of, relating to, involving, or producing a direct current of electricity

Removal and replacement of amalgam fillings with non-metallic fillings is not straight forward. A specific protocol needs to be followed to ensure that you don’t absorb any more mercury during the procedure, and to bolster your immune and nervous systems. Having amalgam dental fillings replaced without following this protocol can cause severe health reactions. Working in unison with your natural health care practitioner and your dentist, while you are having you fillings replaced, is strongly recommended.

Even though it is scientific fact that mercury is released from amalgam fillings, most dentists are misguided and are still using it. (See: http://amalgamillness.com/Mercury.html) In my search for a dentist, to replace my amalgam fillings, I have spoken to several who seem to be under the impression that mercury is not dangerous. One dentist told me there is less mercury in one filling than in a can of tuna. But what if you have more than one filling? And aren't they warning against eating tuna?

Environment Canada also has strong concerns regarding mercury fillings. See Canadian Dental Association - Environment Canada Best Management Practices for Amalgam Waste in Canada - 2002 , Appendix D for the protocol for handling dental mercury.

Another dentist, aware of the mercury issue, wanted to replace my amalgam fillings with gold because it doesn't have the same chemical interactions as amalgam. Maybe not, but it is still metal and conducts electricity. They all try to talk me into having x-rays, which of course, I decline. I am only telling you this to stress the point that you need to find a dentist who understands the issues you are dealing with, or will at least listen when you explain and put your health at risk.

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