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Children Effected by Cell Towers

and Mobile Masts

It is not just humans who are affected - Valladoid, Spain, White Storks Study 2005 Number of young per couple for nests within 200m of the antenna was 0.86 (0.7 - 1.02) p=0.001whereas productivity for nests further than 300m away was 1.6 (1.46 - 1.74) p = 0.00140% of those nesting within 200m had no chicks, whereas only 3.3% of those further than 300m did not have chicks.

The white stork behavior recorded within 200m included:The couple frequently fight over the sticks The sticks fall to the ground when trying to build the nest The most affected nests never get built Frequent death of young chicks in their early stages Balmori A, 2005, Possible Effects of Electromagnetic Fields from Phone Masts on a Population of White Stork, electromagnetic Biology and Medicine.

Loscher and Kas of Universities of Hannover Veterinary School and University of the German Army in Munich 1998. A study funded by the Bavarian State Government in Germany following reported adverse health effects in dairy cattle after a Telecoms Mast had been erected. There was a significant drop in the milk yield of that herd of cattle and Extraordinary Behaviour Disorders in some of the cows related to the microwave transmissions from that Mast. When the cattle were moved away from its vicinity after a period the milk yield and the behavior of that herd was totally restored to normal. However, when the cattle were returned to the mast environment their symptoms returned.

The effects of EMR are being felt by wildlife and the environment as a whole, Birds, bees, worms, trees are all being affected. We need to fight for not only the future of mankind but for the future of the whole environment.

Children Act 1989 Part 3 Section 17 Places a legal obligation on Local Authorities to protect children in their area against significant harm and or abuse or the risk of. The Children Act stands apart from other legislation in so much as the risk of harm does not have to be proven or to have taken place, but could be a likelihood or perceived risk.

UK and EU precautionary understanding The EC and UK Precautionary Principle The precautionary principle covers cases where the scientific evidence is insufficient, inconclusive or uncertain, but where there is some indication of reasonable grounds for concern of adverse effects on the environment or health. The precautionary principle provides a basis for action when science is unable to give a clear answer.

Who is accountable? In the UK all agencies refer back to the Health Protection Agency for advice. The world looks towards the World Health Organisation (WHO) We urgently request that the HPA and WHO advise governments and Authorities to adopt the precautionary principle for mobile phones/phone masts,DECT phones, microwave baby and security alarms and not to install wireless computer networks until safety is approved.

The Government receives an estimated 10 billion a year in revenue from the mobile phone industry. Emergency Government funds should be released. Starting with at least 50 million in PRODUCTS to deal with translation of German and Russian research, an education program, media campaign and funding released to Independent scientists to carry out further research.

The funds could be given to the EMF Discussion Group Chaired by Sir William Stewart as it has a mixed group of experts with different views and opinions which leads to a healthy debate and should help avoid the continued criticism and mistrust from the public who have lost faith in the democratic process and blame discrepancy of funding for research.
The phone industry are un-elected officials who forcefully and undemocratically ignore the wishes and concerns of local communities.

In the words of - Dr Robert O. Becker twice nominated for the Nobel Prize have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earths environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and the increase in chemical elements in the environment.

The Irish Doctors' Environmental Association (IDEA)
Learning, concentration, and behavioural disorders, headaches, migraines, nervous and connective tissue pains, sleeplessness, daytime sleepiness, chronic exhaustion.

Santini in 2002 ntoed sleep problems Fatigue, Headache, Nausea, Irritability, Memory loss, Concentration, Depression. Sleep problems, fatigue, depression, headaches, dazed state/dizziness, concentration problems, memory problems, learning difficulties, headaches, restlessness, dazed state, irritability, disturbance of concentration, forgetfulness, learning difficulties, difficulty finding words.

Alfonso Balmori Valladolid, Spain is published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine,Behavioural problems, concentration and co-ordination problems, apparent fertility problems. Loscher and Kas of Universities of Hannover Veterinary School and University of the German Army in Munich 1998.

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