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EarthCalm OMEGA WiFi & Scalar Home System

( 2 Part Home Protection System )

Omega WiFi Earthcalm Scalar Home Systems
omega wifi home radiaton protection


Sale Price $179.00


Benefits People Report with
the Omega WiFi:

  • Increased Energy

  • Fewer Headaches

  • Less Fatigue

  • Reduced Brain-Fog

  • Feeling Relaxed and Alert

  • More Restful Sleep

  • A Sense of Well-Being

NOTE: The Omega WiFi is designed to protect against the WIRELESS radiation that your router transmits.
It should ideally be used in conjunction with the Scalar Home Protection System, which protects you from the EMFs generated by your home electricity. This is especially important if you are electrosensitive.


The Omega WiFi gives you full protection from Wi-Fi radiation. It contains our proprietary Scalar Resonance Technology that mirrors the structure of the earth’s electro-magnetic field. These circuits amplify your ground in the earth with all the consequent health benefits that come from the restoration of your biocircuits to their
original timing and healing functions.

omega wifi home radiaton protection


Sale Price $179.00



Transform your laptop or your wireless router into a protective device! State-of-the-art technologies make the OMEGA the first wireless protector to go far beyond mere protection.  Experience a healthier world by transmuting hazardous wireless radiation generated by your router or your laptop to create a powerful, beneficial  field of protection for you and your family. USB or Ethernet options available.

Most people are unaware that their wireless routers and laptops are built with transmitters that constantly generate a cloud of microwave radiation when they are on, even when they are not actively in use. Besides generating this constant field of microwave radioactivity, laptops also generate an extremely high milligauss field when they are on. They put out as much as a 100-miligauss field at the keyboard, which is extremely fatiguing and hazardous to our health, especially over extended periods of time. Wireless routers emit an even greater amount fof microwave radiation, as the field extends throughout an entire house and beyond.

When the OMEGA WiFi is inserted into a laptop or router, the hazardous field is transformed into a beneficial field of protection that will protect you throughout the day and while sleeping at night. It does this by modulating a grounding pattern into the EMF microwave field of the laptop or router, which allows your body to dissipate the hazardous radiation. Most people notice the relief instantly as soon as they plug the OMEGA WiFi in. They also notice that the number of hours they can spend at their laptop without headaches or fatigue expands exponentially.

USB or Ethernet?
Choose the USB version if you have a laptop but no router--or if you take your laptop with you to work or when you travel. Choose the ethernet version if you have a router, either wired or wireless. Everyone using a laptop, desktop computer, or game console (such as Wii or Nintendo) that is programmed or connected to your network will be protected. In addition, if your router is wireless, the field of beneficial protection will extend throughout your home, and everyone there will be given additional protection, whether they are using a wireless device or not.

The OMEGA WiFi contains all three types of our proprietary circuits that utilize Scalar Resonanace Technology. It contains circuits that mirror the structure of the earth's electro-magnetic field. These  circuits amplify your ground in the earth with all the consequent health benefits that come from the restoration of your biocircuits to their original timing and healing functions.

The OMEGA WiFi also contains the Vortex Transcircuit that we use in our Multi-Phase BedShield, our Atlas Band, and our Infinity Ring. The Vortex Transcircuit uses the principle of a resonant transformer to create a voltage shift or a "fence of protection". The OMEGA WiFi does not substitute for the Scalar Home ProtectionSystem, the BedShield or the Atlas Band, all of which are extremely important for general EMF protection. But it does take this fundamental protection to a new level.

The third type of circuit that the OMEGA WiFi contains is the Diamond Element, which is based on the double pyramid or diamond. This circuit incorporates some of the most important healing ratios that are embedded in the construction of physical reality.

If you are electro-sensitive or have a chronic illness--and you tend to spend long hours in front of your laptop--please note: As the OMEGA WiFi is quite strong, it is suggested that you begin with the Scalar Home Protection System and become acclimated to the full strength of that product first.

There are two kinds of radiation that have been proven harmful to people: low frequency electricity from our home electrical systems and power lines and microwave radiation from cell phone use. Household or low frequency electricity tends to impact our immune system, creating deficiency illnesses and hypertension or high blood pressure.

More alarming are the wireless threats that have been manifesting in the last few years. According to the Bioinitative Report of 2007, diseases due to the extensive use of cell phones, in particular, are now manifesting very quickly; brain tumors, ADHD, Alzheimers and other brain-related illnesses are developing within years, rather than over decades. 

Cell Phones
Millions of people use cell phones daily, unaware of the serious hazards these phones pose to their health. A study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer reported:

...in 2008, after a decade of cell phone use, the chance of getting a brain tumor--specifically on the side of the head where you use the phone--goes up as much as 40 percent. An independent study in Sweden last year concluded that people who started using a cell phone before the age of 20 were five times as likely to develop a brain tumor.

Laptops and Routers
Two wireless devices that are proliferating in people's homes are laptops and routers. Like cell phones, these too emit a dangerous field of microwave radiation. Wireless home network routers especially pose a threat to everyone in a home, as the field they create extends throughout the entire house (and even beyond it). Few people are aware that even when not actively in use, laptops and routers continue to generate a field of microwave radiation.

EarthCalm Products for

Wireless Protection

EarthCalm has developed two powerful products that specifically target wireless or microwave radiation in the home and around your computers: the Earthcalm Scalar Home Protection System and the OMEGA WiFi. These products utilize two principles of electromagnetics: scalar resonance and resonant transformers.  We have developed earth circuits that mirror the structure of the earth's electromagnetic field, thereby enhancing a person's resonance to the earth. This resonance, also called an electrical ground, allows your body to immediately dissipate the harmful radiation as it enters the body, while at the same time restoring your primordial connection to the earth.  This grounding is something that most people feel as a sense of calmness and peace as soon as they place the OMEGA Cell on their cell phone or plug the OMEGA WiFi into their router or laptop.

Retail $298.00
Sale Price $179.00

Earthcalm Home Scalar Protction


Sale Price $268.00



The Scalar Home Protection System grounds you into the earth’s electromagnetic field. This protects you from Smart Meter radiation and also from the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from your electrical grid and all your appliances, as well.

Vulnerable Groups

Aside from people with electrosensitivity, other groups particularly vulnerable to Smart Meter EMF include:

  • children

  • pregnant women

  • seniors

  • people with compromised immune systems, and

  • people with medical implants

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All EarthCalm products have a 90-day money-back guarantee to encourage you to try our products and feel the difference.

Smart Meter radiation is something to be concerned about. But, with EarthCalm products, you can relax, knowing you’ve eliminated Smart Meter health risks.

Sale Price $268.00

2nd Phase Protection to add together with your Omega Wifi and your Home

EarthCalm Home Protection System

goes perfect together with the Omega Wi Fi

3 Steps to The Scalar Home Protection System

The Scalar Home Protection System includes 3 progressive steps to moderate the adjustment period, which is important to everybody but essential for people who are electrically sensitive or who have immune deficiency problems. In particular asthmatic and ADHD children as well as people with fibromyalgia and electrosensitivity are helped by graduated reductions in EMF exposure levels, which moderates most detoxification symptoms.

Because it provides EMF protection to everyone in the home, the System is ideal for families with young children. Our three step program is especially recommended for children, who are more vulnerable to EMFs than adults. Parents who have used the Scalar Home Protection System have noted increased calmness, longer attention spans and more cooperative behavior in their children, as well as higher grades in school.

The Scalar Home Protection System utilizes the principles of cyclotronic resonance and scalar resonance. (See the EarthCalm Technology FAQs for more information about these principles). The following information is included for those readers who desire a more detailed description of the how cyclotronic resonance works.


Protects your loved ones from electromagnetic fields.

The mechanism whereby electrical wiring appliances in the home impact your body's nervous system is explained by the principle of cyclotronic resonance. If two AC fields stand at right angles to each other, as in every electrified corner in a house, and a DC field is present, as provided by the earth, then energy is actually transferred from the electrical wiring into the nervous system of people within the grid. This grid is always working in any electrified building whether current is being used or not.

What actually happens during the energy transference? Three things happen.
First, stress hormones are generated by the person's adrenal system in response to the "assault" of AC electrical energy transfer. This energy has no biological function and is perceived by the body as an attack.

Second, the immune system degrades over time due to the constant subliminal stress.

Third, the AC generated energy transference actually kicks spinning ions, specifically calcium, lithium, sodium and potassium out of the cells where they regulate metabolism. The ions are kicked into the blood stream to either collect in joints or be inappropriately eliminated. AC electrical energy transfer thus disrupts normal cell metabolism.

Since these ions are essential for the proper functioning of the cells, this energy transference explains the phenomenon of calcium efflux whereby calcium is ejected out of cells inappropriately into the blood stream in the presence of EMFs. How does this affect us? For example, the reduction of calcium and lithium in the cells might explain why EMF exposure contributes to ADHD and stress. Calcium and lithium are both required for mood stabilization and calmness. Thus protection from EMFs is helpful to people who suffer from arthritis (calcium imbalance), mood swings and depression (calcium and lithium depletion) and Alzheimer's (potassium imbalance).

EarthCalm utilizes this same principle of cyclotronic resonance to introduce a healing or grounding pattern into the home's EMF field. A pattern of circuits is modulated into the EMF field of the home by inserting it into the home's electrical system. The nervous system of a person within the home will utilize this same principle of cyclotronic resonance to receive the grounding pattern thus alleviating the stressful effect of the EMFs. The 14EarthCalm circuits are transferred by resonance to each person's nervous system, thus allowing the nervous system to ground and dissipate manmade generated current. The person thus receives benefits that include increased calmness, and increased protection against arthritis, depression and Alzheimer's.

EarthCalm products never need recharging and are offered with a 90 day money back guarantee to afford you the time to monitor the effectiveness yourself. Note and jot down your specific symptoms now as well as those of your family, and then compare them after using our Scalar Home Protection System for several weeks.

Symptoms such as chronic headaches, asthma attacks, arthritic pain, high blood pressure and old injuries have improved due to the effectiveness of the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System to protect the nervous system from the effects of home electricity and microwave radiation.

Facts About the EarthCalm® Home Protection System:

home radiation protection

Sale Price $268.00

Earth Calm Headaches

Earth Calm ADD

EarthCalm Autism

EarthCalm High Blood Pressure

EarthCalm & Children

EarthCalm & ElectroHypersensitivity

EarthCalm & Fibromyalgia

EarthCalm Research Studies

EarthCalm Instructions

Read the Earthcalm® FAQ to learn more

"Revolutionary New Technologies Protect You from the

Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Radiation,

Computers, Bluetooth Headsets, Microwave Ovens,

Cordless Phones, and other Wireless Technologies."


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