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 Electro Magnetic Fields EMFs, Melatonin and your Pineal Gland Radiation Dangers Part 1

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Cell Phone Radiation Protection

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Excerpts from an Australian Senate Discussion Paper 10/2007

Both human and animal circadian rhythms are driven by the day/night cycle and are synchronized with natural geomagnetic electromagnetic fields. The major control gland over this natural cycle is the pineal gland which secretes the neurohormone melatonin. During the day, light falling on the eye’s retina produces signals which are biochemically amplified to stimulate the pineal gland to reduce its melatonin output. At night the absence of light with sleep stimulates the pineal gland to produce melatonin.

The circadian production of melatonin is thought to control important processes in the eyes, including restoration of rods (for night vision) at the end of the night, and renewal of cones (for colour vision) at the end of the day. One theory on how man made EMF’s may affect the pineal gland is that the pineal gland may ’sense’ EMF’s as light and therefore reduce melatonin production. A possible cause for such an effect is from insoluble granular material contained within the pineal gland.

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