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  How to Avoid Electro Magnetic Field and Radiation Part 2

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Home Radiation Protection

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REMOVE ALL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT FROM THE BEDROOM. Clock radios, T.V.s, phones, electric blankets.

• If you must have them in the bedroom, place them as far away from the head of the bed as possible. It would be best to use a wind up or battery operated alarm clock.
• If you sleep in a water bed, unplug it (only switching off is not sufficient) before getting in at night.
• Do not use electric blankets. Use a hot water bottle or preheat bed with electric blanket, but unplug during sleep (only switching off is not sufficient).
• Sleep with your head away from power outlets.
SLEEP/REST AWAY FROM HIGH FIELD AREAS like the house power main and operational refrigerators and appliances. Remember, fields extend some distance, even through walls.
• Place kitchen and laundry appliances on outside walls.
• It is highly beneficial to turn the power to the bedroom off at night. Remember there may also be lighting fixtures in ceilings below your bedroom and these should be turned off at the main also.

IN YOUR VEHICLE: There are high levels of EMFs in the engine compartment of a vehicle. The alternator and ignition being the main culprits. If you are in the market for a new car, it would be best to choose one that allows you to sit further back from the engine. Although fuel efficiency is a concern, for the health purposes of someone with EHS it would be better to choose a larger car. If you are to measure for the EMFs in a car, you should be driving at the time. measure all areas of the car includig the footwell. Measure with the heater and A/C on and off.

Generally, standard transmission and deisel powered vehicles emit fewer EMFs. Deisel being the best. Some vehicles have high electrical fields and low electromagnetic fields and some the opposite.

• Do not use GPS
• Limit the use of the heater and air conditioner
• Disconnect onboard DVD players etc. Not only are they usually placed very close to the heads of those in the front seats, the EMFs they emit are being bounced around inside the vehicle striking everyone multiple times.
• The stereo system can also be a bad source of EMFs, from the digital display, even when turned off. You can 'disconnect' it by pulling the fuse.
• There is a transparent window shielding that can be installed on you vehicle's windows but you may need special permission to do this. It will protect against RF from the plethora of cell towers along the highways. All windows will need to be coated so RF signals don't get in and ricochet around inside the vehicle. See: Protective fabrics
• While driving on the highway try to stay away from commercial vehicles. They usually have high powered transmitters for communications
LIVE AS FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM power lines, distribution lines, electrical substations, electrical bus cables and cell phone towers.

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