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How the QLinks Works

(long version)

We live in a world of matter, which we experience as solid, and a world of forces, which act upon these solid things. But quantum physics is clear that what we call solid matter is composed of oscillating matter wave packets, and what we call forces are composed of oscillating energy wave packets. In reality, everything is composed of oscillating wave packets of one type or another.

Scientists have long puzzled over force field phenomena that do not fit the four known forces: electromagnetic, gravity, weak and strong forces. These force field that do not fall into the classical four are sometimes labeled "subtle energies." They are called "subtle" because they cannot be observed or measured by any known instrumentation.

Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus of Stanford University, has spent decades studying subtle energy phenomena. He accepts subtle energies as real, and as providing explanatory power for scientifically documented phenomena that cannot be explained by the four known forces. Much of these documented phenomena describe the particular influence that subtle energies have on classical electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are composed of two basic types of energy wave packets: electrons and photons.

Dr. Tiller asserts that a significant relationship exists between subtle energies and electromagnetic fields. Evidence points to a strong relationship. Evidence also indicates that, if subtle energies can be acted upon in specific ways, they will yield specific results in electromagnetic phenomena - perhaps acting directly on the wave packet states. According to Dr. Tiller, this action may take place through the magnetic vector potentials.

What does Clarus engineer?

Clarus invents and manufactures new types of consumer and industrial products called sympathetic resonators. A sympathetic resonator creates a coupling circuit between subtle energies and classical electromagnetic energies. This coupling circuit does 3 important things.

1. It converts raw subtle energies into clarified, highly-delineated and highly-concentrated subtle energies. In the sense used here, "raw" is equivalent to raw materials that are converted from a relatively chaotic state into a more ordered, more refined state. After conversion, the subtle energies are, in effect, postulated to be more intensified and condensed.
2. It conducts these converted subtle energies into an environmental space. The size of the space can range from a 3 foot spherical radius to a 50 foot spherical radius. When the converted subtle energies are conducted into an environment, they act more directly than diffused or raw subtle energies on the systems they both comprise and influence.
3. This conversion and conduction actively effects the performance of phenomena in the influenced space - especially phenomena which employs electromagnetic fields.

Clarus makes 2 types of sympathetic resonators. Each type is composed of hardware which is treated and imprinted by a master manufacturing device that conducts super-refined subtle energies.

One type is the sympathetic resonator used in the QLink Pendant. It is engineered using 3 components: a resonating cell, the Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT-3) and an amplifying coil.

Resonating cell

Amplifying coil

The main component, the resonating cell containing a proprietary formula of pure crystalline elements, works as an oscillator that converts and conducts subtle energy into more coherent energy states. The SRT-3 tunes the cell's vibrations for the wearer's Biofield . The amplifying coil shapes and strengthens the size of the energy field that is conducted. It extends the power of the sympathetic resonance into a 3-dimensional field. This entire process clarifies the user's energy states, and thereby strengthens the internal power and resilience of the wearer, allowing him to more effectively filter out chaotic type energies.

Electrical energy is not required for this resonator since it is powered by the energy of the person wearing it. Because electrical power is not applied, and because of the unique way a sympathetic resonator works, the cell, SRT-3 and amplifying coil do not have to be physically wired as they would with a normal Hertzian electronic circuit.

A second type is the circuit boards used in the QLink ClearWaves and Ally. These are not traditional electrical engineering-type circuit boards, but are designed for their own purpose to convert and conduct subtle energies. These circuit boards use an actively-powered oscillator to extend the influential range of the instrument.

There is a third type of sympathetic resonator hardware that Clarus does not design or make, but which shows great promise. Clarus can theoretically use existing industrial and consumer products as resonators, as indicated by research into these areas. These existing products are treated and imprinted by the master manufacturing energy field, and they become effective sympathetic resonators when activated. To date, Clarus has conducted limited R&D with hardware products manufactured by firms other than Clarus.

The two primary hardware platforms have been batteries and CDs/DVDs. The materials used in these products allows batteries to function as sympathetic resonators, and also allows CDs and DVDs to function as sympathetic resonators when played in standard media systems. Clarus is experimenting with the use of these CD/DVD optical storage platforms to engender a radically new user interface that creates total emotional immersion in the media.

Where are subtle energies converted from?
Where are they conducted to?

Dr. William Tiller hypothesizes that subtle energies may be a type of energy or energies within the vacuum state. Dr. Tiller hypothesizes that their energy is possibly converted through the magnetic vector potentials identified in quantum physics. These potentials are the parent field for all electromagnetic phenomena. This conversion process is taking place all the time, though in a raw, relatively chaotic state. Other scientists postulate that subtle energies are part of quantum fields (Dr. Glen Rein). Subtle energies may play a role in string theory. The string theory interpretation implies that subtle energies are part of dimensional structures that underlay the phenomena of both matter and energy wave packets.

If a technology could be engineered that more systematically clarified, converted and conducted subtle energies from the vacuum state into the realm of currently measurable energies, such as classical electromagnetics - that is, into the realm of common forces and matter and thus into any physical, chemical or biological system - the implications would be enormous.

If a technological process could be successfully developed, then, in general, the following would be expected:

1. electron and photon flows would be more efficient
2. electromagnetic interactions would be more efficient
3. valence shell bonding process would happen faster and would be more energy efficient (ionic bonding processes would be more energy efficient giving rise to more stable bonds)

In theory, the technological ability to convert raw subtle energies into condensed specific vector energies implies that any system would become more refined, more stabilized and energy efficient - i.e. more clarified.

Photonic and electronic systems would function with more signal and less noise. Chemical processes would be more energy efficient. And any biological system would be strengthened and more self-resonant with its own healthy functioning.

This technology could potentially be used to create new degrees of atomic bonds and new materials, and could significantly augment a wide spectrum of processes in applied physics, chemistry and biology. Generating a host of positive and powerful benefits to these standard processes. Theory implies that a technology of this type could reduce quantum noise at room temperatures, and thereby open new thresholds in micro and nano industries.

The goal of Clarus has been to engineer and produce this technology. We call it Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ or SRT™. We want to push this technology to greatness in our lifetimes - and we imagine that in the future sympathetic resonators will become a highly desired component in all households as both freestanding appliances and as a component in many consumer and industrial products and processes.

Why is it called Sympathetic Resonance Technology?

If you make the assumption that phenomena, especially electromagnetic, is composed of raw, relatively chaotic subtle energies, and that it would be useful to convert these energies from raw to more refined and ordered states, then you need to do two things.

One: you need to invent a technology that converts this raw energy into a more clarified, condensed and intensified form. How we did this is our proprietary trade secret. It is our honest opinion that we have succeeded, and we have been told by Drs. Green, Srinivasan and Tiller that we are the first engineering group to do so.

Two: you need to apply this technology to a variety of phenomena to see where and how well it works. Especially electromagnetic phenomena.

What we have found, using our current versions of this technology, is that each system, or each experimental target, appears to have its own resonant ratios of subtle energies. Therefore, we use the principles of resonant systems as our main model for converting raw, relatively chaotic subtle energy into refined subtle energy - and into proportions that match, and thereby influence, the target system.

Resonance occurs when two objects have frequencies of oscillations that are close to each other. When two such systems are in proximity, then they resonate at the frequency dictated by the stronger of the two oscillations. For example, when a string in a guitar is plucked, any string on another guitar which is tuned to a nearby resonance starts oscillating at the driven frequency.

Though actual subtle energy frequencies are beyond direct observation and current instrumentation measurement, we invented a clarification method that nonetheless effectively converts and refines subtle energies. The effects of the clarification process can be measured in the target system.

We are conducting research and development in the field of materials science, and discovering ways to use novel molecular oscillators to generate higher degrees of clarification and conversion. In the years ahead, this will allow us to gain a higher quality of refined subtle energy effects. This will allow us to have more precision and power with respect to target system matching and performance gains.

Using these basic principles, we match a specific sympathetic resonator to the desired energy or performance state of the target system. We take our core SRTechnology and adjust it for the specific requirements of each system. In this way, we make our resonant technology "sympathetic" with the specific subtle energy requirements or constitution of that system.

A CD is not a human. A CD is different from a human in terms of class, kind and also in terms of subtle energies. That is why we make a specific type of resonator that is sympathetic to a CD's functioning, and another one that is sympathetic to a human being's functioning. The key is to identify the specifics of each type of system, then engineer a specific sympathetic resonator to match its unique characteristics and desired parameters for functioning.

Once a sympathetic resonator is activated, it stimulates or catalyzes condensed flows of clarified subtle energies into the local space in which the target system is located. Our resonator energetically couples with the target system, and both systems energetically reinforce each other in an additive positive feedback process. This occurs when two resonant systems are tuned to each other.

Each of our sympathetic resonators provides stable and coherent subtle energy influxes into the targeted system. This insures that the target system will itself become more stable and coherent. The target system is brought to a new coherent PRODUCTS with less fundamental internal noise. Any internal raw, relatively chaotic energy that could be counter to the system's functioning is dramatically reduced.

This solidifies the target system and its internal dynamics - and insures that external noise is less likely to destabilize the inherent and desired functional state of the system. Because the target phenomena or system is functioning with more internal integrity, it is more insulated from the energy draining effects from external sources.

If the target system before SRT application was being compromised and depleted by energy drains, then it was tending to system strain, fatigue and dysfunction. It was tending to less signal and more noise and was more at risk for system failure. SRT cannot reverse mechanical systems that are in decline, but it can reduce noise, and it appears to slow or reverse some declines in biological systems.

Applying SRT to a biological system entails the matching of the sympathetic resonator to the life supporting energy states of the biological system. When people are the biological system, tests have found and SRT users report that this restores human energy states to higher performance levels. It appears that internal dynamics are strengthened, enhanced and maintained - as long as it remains resonantly coupled with the sympathetic resonator.

In plain English, a sympathetic resonator is designed to stimulate or catalyze the phenomena or system to be more of what it is. To operate with more energy efficiency. To be more stable. To have its own energy self-amplified - and to have more internal power to resist attenuating energy drains upon it.

In the presence of a sympathetic resonator, a dynamic energy system functions and performs at higher levels with less noise - and suffers less energy depletion and wastage caused by forces or events external to it.

“My intuition and logic suggest that Clarus type
products will be an important part of humanity’s future.”
~William Tiller, Ph.D

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