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  Microwave Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields Dangerous to Diabetics Part 2

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In all cases, exposure to "dirty electricity" (EMFs or radio frequency radiation) caused substantial increases in blood sugar and/or an increased need for insulin. EMF-emitting devices or environments produced negative metabolic changes that were evident within minutes, yet began to resolve just as quickly once the individual entered an electromagnetically clean environment.

In one of the cases which involved a 54-year old male Type 2 diabetic, plasma glucose levels increased simply by sitting in front of a computer. Upon moving away from the computer, his blood sugar decreased by 20 mg/dl within 10 minutes.
In another case involving a 57-year old female Type 2 diabetic, plasma glucose levels increased after 20-30 minutes of electric treadmill exercise, with an average increase in blood sugar of 31 mg/dl. Normally, exercise has a glucose-lowering effect at this level of exertion, which was confirmed in this case by having the subject walk for 20-30 minutes off the treadmill in an electromagnetically clean environment. This EMF-free exercise produced an average drop in blood sugar of 82 mg/dl.

Type 1 diabetics had similarly dramatic experiences. One 80-year old woman was able to cut her insulin intake in half after taking steps to reduce EMFs in her home.


It is not completely clear as to how these effects are mediated. It is possible that the stimulation of stress proteins by EMFs could account for the increases in glucose [3], though there are likely multiple ways in which EMFs undermine our health that currently remain unexplored.

These real-life examples of EMF sensitivities should give us pause. There is clearly a real, biological effect that cannot be ignored. While it is obvious that not everyone is acutely hypersensitive to the effects of EMFs, the fact that our current exposure is so far outside the realm of biologically normal human experience should compel us to err on the side of caution and strive to reduce all unnecessary EMF contact.

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