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 Microwave Radiation and Theodore Litovitz


Protection Against Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation Protection

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Did you know that that the cell phone industry must have known for well over a decade exactly how to prevent most of the adverse health effects of cell phone radiation but did nothing about it?

It comes from the work of Theodore Litovitz, who discovered that by adding low-frequency electronic “white noise” over the top of the cell phone signal, most of the biological effects of the radiation that were known at the time could be reversed. We now know how this may work at the molecular level. If you read my “Witness Statement” at http://tinyurl.com/34gvn29 , you will see that most of the effects of the radiation can be attributed to the loss of calcium from cell membranes, which occurs only in very narrow “windows” of field strength, above and below which there is little or no effect.

By adding a low-frequency "noise" signal with a random amplitude, very few cells stay within their windows for long enough to remove much calcium before they leave their respective windows, and the lost calcium floods back. Consequently, little or no permanent damage is done. Just reducing the power will not give the same effect. All this will do is to move the affected region closer to the surface, so that other cells are then put in their “windows” for long enough to do damage.

Litovitz wrote several convincing papers on this subject and patented his work, but it does not seem to have been taken up by the cell phone industry. I do not know why this should be. Perhaps they just wanted to maximise profits by not having to pay for a licence to use the patents. If so, this was a very bad decision. Were it not for this decision, we could probably all now be able to enjoy perfectly safe cell phones, WiFi and other forms of wireless communications, but sadly we are not. I also do not know what the legal position is relating to this. Litovitz is dead now, but he assigned his patents to the Catholic University of America and I would strongly urge the mobile phone industry to have another look at them.

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