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Sympathetic Resonance Technology™:

Scientific Foundation and Summary of

Biologic and Clinical Studies

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Dec 2002, Vol. 8, No. 6: 823-856

Beverly Rubik, PhD
Institute for Frontier Science, Oakland, CA, and Graduate College, Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH.

Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ (SRT; Clarus Products, International, L.L.C., San Rafael, CA) is a novel technology used in consumer health care products to protect humans from the potentially harmful effects of stress. A summary of studies on SRT, both basic and clinical, is presented. These studies collectively show that SRT mitigates the stress response for a variety of stressors such as chemical and electromagnetic stress in various biologic systems and multiple levels of organization, ranging from the molecular to the behavioral. A rudimentary model of how SRT may work at the level of the biofield, the endogenous electromagnetic field of the organism, is proposed. By interacting with key component frequencies in the biofield, SRT may stabilize the organism homeodynamically, thereby protecting it from the effects of stressful stimuli.

Table 1. Adaptation of Biological Systems to Stressors

Level of Action of Stressor Biological Response (examples)
1. Molecular DNA repair, heat shock response, protein degradation, free radical scavenging
2. Cellular Cell proliferation, apoptosis
3. Tissue Regeneration; repair
4. Organ Modified organ function; detoxification, changes in blood circulation in organ
5. Physiological system Changes in thermoregulation, immune system, hormonal systems
6. Whole organism Behavioral adjustments, including avoidance

The comprehensive results of SRT mitigating the stress response in a variety of biological systems and at various levels of system organization are depicted in this paper. Studies on stressors impacting numerous levels of biological organization, as shown in Table 1, from the molecular level to the behavioral level were performed. The biological systems investigated include protozoa, human cell cultures, blood tissue, brain function (EEG), muscle strength (AK testing), skin resistance of acupuncture points, and human behavior (anxiety and learning disabilities). These represent the wide scope of studies on SRT that have been completed. A spectrum of beneficial effects was observed on all these living systems. Moreover, some of these studies were conducted in a rigorously controlled, double-blind manner using placebo controls, which is the gold standard of clinical research.

Download Dr. Beverly Rubik's paper (PDF):
SRT: Scientific Foundation and Summary of Biologic and Clinical Studies
(To download, right-click on the link, choose 'Save Target (or Link) As,' and save into your computer.)

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