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"How Is Using Your Cell Phone

Slowly Killing You And Your

Loved Ones In The Car?"




Don't U
se Your Cell Phone in the Car - Talking on your cell phone while inside your car, especially with the windows rolled up, greatly increases the intensity of the radiation from your phone's antenna. The reason for this is due to the reflective properties of your car's metal chassis and frame; the cell phone radiation exits your phone and then a large portion of it gets "reflected" back at you as it contacts your car's frame and chassis.

emf radiation a vehicle with inside antennaCurrents Flowing On A Vehicle With Antenna Located Inside The Vehicle
emf radiation Near-Fields Inside An AutomobileNear-Fields Inside An Automobile With Antenna In Rear View Mirror
cellphone wireless radiation on a person with inside antennaCurrents Flowing On A Person With An Antenna Located Inside The Vehicle

Often you will take your cell phone into different environments, some of which like small metal enclosed areas effect the operation of your cell phone. These environments often cause the cell phone to operate at it's highest power output levels and can amplify EMF power densities surrounding the cell phone user.

This Environment includes: Cars, Buses, Motor Homes and any other place you find yourself inside & in close proximity to conductive walls that reflect microwave emissions.

Simply Put, Conductive surroundings act as concentrating reflectors "Like The Cooking Cavity Of A Microwave Oven" When inside a metal enclosure, Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) gets trapped inside the conductive walls creating what is scientifically called a "Faraday Cage"

A Faraday Cage, named after the person that discovered it, DR. Michael Faraday (1791-1867) Known as the Inventor of Modern EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Principles.

The Faraday Cage Effect means that the electric charge on a conductor sits on the outer surface of it, demonstrating that radio waves cannot penetrate a Faraday cage via creating a charged reflective barrier blocking rf radiation.

The Bottom Left Picture shows rf radiation trapped in a car when the transmitting antenna is located inside the car. The Bottom Right Picture shows how easy the RF hazard can be eliminated by using a Hard Wire External Antenna

cellphone radiation on a vehicle with inside antenna

Metal Enclosure

grounding antenna outside of vehicle for cell phone radition



* Cell Phone Use Increases Traffic Accidents.

Studies show that accidents while driving and using a cell phone are 4 times greater and heavy mobile users are involved in twice as many fatal accidents. Although the juggling of two tasks does not present a challenge, studies have proven that cellular radiation emitted from your phone into your head causes increased stress, a slowing of reaction time, confusion and an inability to concentrate on the task at hand...driving!

* Reflective Surfaces, such as metal, Magnify and Accelerate Levels of Radiofrequency Radiation by up to 10 times!

What makes driving while using a cell phone even more dangerous is the fact that reflective surfaces, like metal, magnify and accelerate radiofrequency rhow cellphone radiation affects a person in a caradiation levels by up to 10 times! Intensified heating maximizes radiation absorption which is proven to increase tissue damage to the area in which it is directed! This is an extremely important consideration when using your cell phone in the car, where you are surrounded by metal and may even have children as passengers. For this reason, Refrain from using your phone while driving, especially when passengers are present.

If you have metal implants in your body, use your cell phone near vehicles, in an elevator, subway, train, airplane, in or near metal-framed buildings, wear braces, metal-framed glasses, even metal jewelry...your risk of acquiring deep tissue damage and experiencing other proven illnesses is many times greater than those who do not use their cell phones in such dangerous reflective environments!

Although driving and talking on your cell phone remains to be a dangerous combination, using a speaker and a hands free phone without an ear piece, is the safest way to talk and drive. The radiation from your phone, magnified by the metal in the car, is also more easily dispersed and absorbed throughout the entire body than when it's aimed directly into your head.

* Often ignored, is the fact that Cordless Phones & Pagers utilize the same technology as cell phones, therefore both can negatively impact your health in the same manner that the cell phones can! Limited usage is recommended; phones with cords, although confining, offer a much healthier choice.

If this is True, What is the Solution?

Draw the signal outside of

the car to your roof with an antenna


Sounds Easy Enough or Does it?

Look Below...

car radiation faraday cage cell phone antenna protection

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2 Models to Choose From

Velcro Model

Click Here to View Manual

 Cradle Model

Click Here to View Manual


199.95 USD


249.95 USD


Features  Cellular/PCS Amplifier Plug-and-Play Kit improves signals on both Cellular (824-894 MHz) and PCS (1850-1990 MHz) bands and works with all major North American cellular carriers*. No phone adapter required. Connects to all phones!

• Works on all generations of CDMA, TDMA and GSM
• Up to 3 watts maximum power
• Power control logic ensures maximum output power is within cellular standards
• FCC and IC type accepted

• Includes everything you need in the box
• Works with all Cellular/PCS cell phones and laptop data  cards (except iDEN, Nextel)
• Connects to ALL phones and data cards with a Universal Connector using a removable adhesive backed Velcro® patch
• No plug-in adapter needed
• Up to 10 times more power than your cell phone or laptop data card
• Significantly improves voice and data signal quality
• Increases data communication rates needed for 3G technologies
• Receives and transmits better than your cell phone
• Extends cell phone battery life
• Works great in mobile, in-building, and marine applications
• Easy to install and use, and it's inexpensive Click Here to View Manual

2 Models to Choose From

Velcro Model

Click Here to View Manual

 Cradle Model

Click Here to View Manual


199.95 USD


249.95 USD

"Revolutionary New Technologies Protect You from the

Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Radiation,

Computers, Bluetooth Headsets, Microwave Ovens,

Cordless Phones, and other Wireless Technologies."


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