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Cell Phone Radiation Linked to Autism

For the last few decades, the use of cell phones has been on the rise across the country and around the world. With the advent of micro technology and satellites, mobile phones have gotten smaller and smaller. In fact, some have reached the point where big people actually have trouble dialing a phone number because their fingers are too big to touch one key at a time! For that matter, some models of phones are so tiny that big headed people have trouble hearing from the earpiece and talking into the mouthpiece at the same time.

With those new phones have come other aspects of the technology. The biggest and most obvious – the one just about everyone sees every day is the cell phone towers. Between the towers and the phones themselves, there is a lot of radiation flipping about through the atmosphere. Well, the atmosphere is one thing, but our minds and bodies – that is quite another; and the minds and bodies of our children is quite another thing altogether! 

Possibly, you may have heard about the increase in cases of autism in recent years. Now, based on input from doctors and teachers who deal with these cases, part of the increase is due to the fact that years ago children with autism were misdiagnosed. After all, autism covers a very broad range of maladies. Some children sort of “shut down”, they’re non-responsive and non-verbal. Others are very intelligent, but socially awkward; they’re known as “high functioning” autistic. The point being, today autism encompasses a wide range of developmental problems for children. 

Yet, even allowing for the incorrect diagnoses of the past, it is still a fact that about one child out of a hundred has some form of autism. That is a very large increase over past cases. The question is: what is the cause? Here again, researchers say that part of the contributing factor is genetics; some children are predisposed to being autistic. Yet, they are also equally certain that there is some kind of environmental factor that sets them off. Debate has raged for years as to what the factor (or factors) could be. Some have said it is the mercury used in inoculations; some say it is our processed foods. 

Based on studies of the human body, it is a fact that a child’s skull is thinner than an adult’s. So, what does this mean in terms of cell phone use? A child using or exposed to a cell phone will have the phone’s radiation penetrate into their skull much deeper than into an adult’s skull. This high-frequency electromagnetic field can cause increases in blood pressure, affect biological functions within the brain, and negatively impact the brain’s bioelectric activity. When you consider that a child’s brain is growing and developing, any outside influence that damages their neurons as they are forming networks could certainly lead to some form of neural damage. 

There may not yet be a direct connection between cell phones and autism. But, when you consider the chance you are taking with your child’s health and future well-being, it is definitely in your best interest to minimize their exposure to cell phone radiation. It is a sad fact that there is no cure for autism, and some forms of it are quite debilitating. So, anything you can do to reduce the chances of your child ending up in poor health, it’s worth doing, isn’t it?

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