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Cell Phone Radiation

and Diet Methods

Obesity is one of the biggest and most far reaching health problems facing people living in the United States today and it continues to get worse every year.  Adults are not the only people suffering from the ill health effects of being obese; it is becoming a growing problem in teenagers and, worse still, in young children

An interesting topic regarding health and loosing weight is that the radiation which is generated by cell phones has long term effects on the metabolism, and the loss of melatonin generates the possibility of organ failure and dysfunctional DNA. The weight loss, generated due to the effects of the EMF is neither healthy nor brings it the benefic effects of a normal diet. It is in fact an alarm signal, that the body is stressed by the radiation that it is put out.

 A healthy diet and a beneficial exercise plan are necessary to battle obesity, but sometimes, at the start of a new weight loss plan, the going is slow.  It creates quite a conundrum: we need to lose weight, yet there comes a point when we are so overweight or obese than exercise is difficult simply because of our size.  In cases like these – which are increasing as quickly as obesity itself – sometimes diet pills can be extremely effective.  However as with any kind of weight loss technique, there are definite advantages and disadvantages when it comes to diet pills and other weight loss supplements.

The underlying effect of cell phone radiation isn’t explained comprehensively to people, since it has the same industrial background as other high end consumer industries, like tobacco or petrol, but its effects will be felt in a couple of years for sure.

 Know what you are putting into your body and realize that there are no miracle cures for being overweight or obese.  A nutritional diet and a healthy exercise plan are necessary, but some diet pills can help you on the journal.


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