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Cell Phone Towers Days Are


Are cell phone sites and towers days numbered? SRI International, a research firm best known for demonstrating the first computer mouse, says the solution to eliminate some dropped calls is simple: Make cell phones less dependent on cell towers. SRI, which has been developing technology in its labs for almost 60 years, has software that when implemented in a wireless handheld device allows the handset to continue working even when the network is down. The software is embedded in the phone. The signal of the device then jumps from handset to handset -- which must also have the software -- until it reaches its final destination. Sounds interesting folks, what about the health effects of that? Will that make our cell phones more dangerous or less? My guess is more! When a device becomes a transmitter and a receiver it emits and uses more power to function especially when it is having trouble getting a signal. These new devices will be exactly that transmitters and receivers. All in all this is still fascinating technology.


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