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EMFs and Electrosensitivity

Did you know that EMFs generated by common AC appliances and wireless microwave radiation is a major cause of many forms of environmental illness? A collapsed immune system is a common characteristic of people diagnosed with illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic fatique, cancer and even AIDs. This impairment of the immune system can be partially attributed to the stress created by EMFs. The immune system can heal and regenerate once this chronic stress is removed.

More research on the influence of EMFs on the human immune system is being done due to the modern world's growing awareness of the hazards of EMF exposure. In October of 2004 the World Health Organization sponsored a conference on EMFs and Electromagnetic Sensitivity. Electrosensitivity is a real condition with symptoms such as headaches, stress, sleep disorders, fatique, skin conditions and tinnitus. If you've had symptoms like these and haven't been able to find relief, you now know that electrosensitivity is a real disease. And it can be treated by minimizing the EMF exposure.

Sarah-Kate Templeton, a Medical Correspondent states:
"The condition known as electro sensitivity, a heightened reaction to electrical energy, will be recognized as a physical impairment. A report by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), states that increasing numbers of British people are suffering from this syndrome. While the total figure is not known, thousands are believed to be affected to some extent."

Blake Levitt's book, Electromagnetic Fields, gives a summary of the scientific research that's been done on chronic EMF stress. People who were overexposed to electromagnetic fields as children tend to suffer from environmental illnesses like chronic fatique, impaired ability to fight infection and difficulty concentrating. An article in the Toronto Now Magazine published March 9, 2006, describes the electrosensitive person thusly:

"There's something lonely about parties. Especially if you're one of the few who isn't celebrating. And as laptop lovers citywide rejoice in the announcement that downtown Toronto will be a wireless Internet hot spot by the fall, critics worry that we may be feeding a new form of smog that hangs in the air without a trace and makes a growing number of us sick: electrical pollution. Whether it's fluorescent lights, cell phones or computer screens, more and more of us are realizing that the technology we've welcomed into our homes and offices is making us ill. According to stats from Sweden and Britain, about 2 or 3 per cent of the population suffers from potentially debilitating electro-hypersensitivity, or EHS. Symptoms are all over the map, and include nausea, headaches, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, tinnitus and rashes, to name a few.

"Researchers also say that many more, over a third of us, are a little electrosensitive and just don't know it, blaming restless nights, office brain fog and Motrin moments on everything but our electrified environment.

"I've never seen anything from industry except blanket assurances from their PR departments, says the Brock U Prof. This is the identical strategy used by the tobacco industry in the 50s and 60s.

"I wonder how many people out there are being misdiagnosed, asks Martin Weatherall, a retired Toronto cop who started developing a ringing in his ears and headaches when he moved into a new home. They're being harmed by their electrical environments, and doctors are just sending them to a psychiatrist."

EarthCalm products provide protection from Electromagnetic Fields. The EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System is recommended for people who suffer from electrosensitivity. Hundreds of people suffering from environmental illness due to electrosensitivy have been helped from EarthCalm products.

EarthCalm Testimonials

What People Say about EarthCalm

"I thought I'd let you know how my EarthCalm pendant has changed my life. I have been depressed for 25 years, I tried to snap out of it but found it hard. I used to be asleep all the time. I hardly ever smiled. I walked like a zombie. I have children, I can't have been a nice person to to be around I was always so miserable. I used to never bother with my appearance. If it wasn't for the children I would have stayed in bed 24/7. ŠI have noticed I am so much calmer, so much more positive. In fact I can't believe I am the same person. I am like a teenager in my brain again, but I have a lot more responsibilities. I smile most of the time despite having plenty of problems. I can think clearer, I can see things more clearly. All I can say is it is hard to believe.

"I'm glad I tried EarthCalm because it made the difference. In the near future I hope I can persuade my son with moderate ADHD to purchase EarthCalm room plug and the pendant. When I talk to people I can honestly say I more or less listen to every word they say which I never used to. I feel I could do most things if I wanted to now. I laugh a lot with my family now, I'm always smiling. My children have told me I am so easy to talk to now. They found it hard to talk to me before. I think if I went for a job interview I could do quite well now. Blessings."

- Shahnaz B.

"For the past 20 years, I have had chronic fatigue and heart symptoms (erratic pulse, chest pain). My cardiologist had assured me that nothing was physically wrong with my heart; my doctor had assured me that all my tests were normal. Within two hours of wearing an EarthCalm (Scalar) Resonator the fatigue simply dropped away and the heart symptoms were greatly reduced. In three days the heart symptoms were gone.

"I also found that my posture corrected itself! Lately I've been troubled to note that I am hunching over slightly, and it's been an effort to straighten up. With the (Scalar) Resonator on, I stand straight naturally without thinking about it.

"I installed a home system as well. My husband feels better, and so does our little dog. She has been very stiff for years. Within a day of installation she was friskier and had an improved appetite. Within a week she wanted to play again! I can't possibly express enough gratitude for the EarthCalm products. The results are beyond belief. EarthCalm has literally given my life back to me. Thank you!!!"

- Kylea G., Sequim, WA

EarthCalm offers a 90 day money back guarantee so that you can monitor your symptoms and see for yourself. Electromagnetic stress is invisible, so the effects of EMFs on the immune system are often ignored. Once the stress is removed the immune system can heal.

Quick Facts About the EarthCalm® Home Protection System:

home radiation protection

Sale Price $268.00

  • Provides 14 circuit Scalar Resonance Technology for maximum protection for everyone anywhere in the home;

  • Incorporates a graduated three step process to allow for adaptation;

  • Uses no electrical current and therefore generates no EMFs and will last indefinitely;

  • Comes in a USA/Canada/Mexico version and a Worldwide version;

  • Protects the nervous system from the effects of home electricity and microwave radiation.

• Available in USA and

  Worldwide version

Read the Earthcalm® FAQ to learn more

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