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  Electrohypersensivity To Electromagnetic Frequencies Part 2

Cordless Phones Health Risks

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Cell Phone Tower Radiation

While The World Health Organization defines EHS as:
[…A phenomenon where] individuals experience adverse health effects while using or being in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields (EMFs)… EHS is a real and sometimes a debilitating problem for the affected persons, while the level of EMF in their neighborhood is no greater than is encountered in normal living environments. Their exposures are generally several orders of magnitude under the limits in internationally accepted standards.”

The WHO Fact sheet goes on to state:
“Treatment of affected individuals should focus on the health symptoms and the clinical picture, and not on the person's perceived need for reducing or eliminating EMF in the workplace or home. “

This indication that EHS is a mental disorder rather than biologically caused from exposure to EMF/RFR is replicated throughout governmental agencies and has led to a worldwide citizen movement of EHS sufferers having to resort to their own efforts to remove themselves from high EMF/RFR exposures.

Dr. Havas’ double blind 100 person study on self-identifying EHS subjects and controls examined the heart’s reactivity to the RFR emitted by common DECT cordless phones. Most of the volunteers did not respond to the exposure, but those who did respond experienced arrhythmia (irregular beats of the heart) and/or tachycardia (rapid heart rate). These symptoms were often accompanied by feelings of anxiety.

While other exposure studies on self-identifying EHS subjects have not found such strong evidence, these studies have not measured biological effects. Rather they relied on subjective reports from the test subjects.

Symptoms of EHS include sleep disturbance, fatigue, pain, nausea, skin disorders, problems with eyes and ears (tinnitus), and dizziness. Again, it is estimated that 3% of the population are severely affected and another 35% have moderate symptoms. Prolonged exposure may be related to sensitivity and for this reason it is imperative that children’s exposure to RFR be minimized as much as possible.

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