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  Electrohypersensivity and Children Sensitivity

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Children are more sensitive to environmental contaminants and that includes RFR. Their smaller bodies proportionally absorb more RFR than adult bodies. The Stewart Report (UK 2000) recommended that children not use cell phones except for emergencies. Many countries including France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Germany, Israel, India, Austria and Belgium have all issued public health warnings regarding children and have placed limitations on cell phone use, WIFI in schools and even changed EMR regulations...See http://thepeoplesinitiative.org///Home_Page.html


Scientists, doctors and governmental agencies worldwide have issued warnings, restrictions and resolutions urging limiting exposure to EMF/RF. Due to the numbers of people suffering from symptoms of EHS, medical doctors and scientists have issued resolutions stating that there is a more sensitive population to RFR and that antennas should not be sited near homes, schools and hospitals. These run from the Vienna Resolution in 1998 through to the Porto Alegre Resolution in 2009.
In 2009 three U.S. Governors, of Florida, Connecticut and Colorado, declared Electrohypersensitivty Awareness months.

In May, 2009 the LA Unified School District, which restricts cell towers on school property passed a resolution attempting to restrict antennas near school property and in April, 2009, the EU Parliament adopted, by 559 votes to 22, with 8 abstentions, a resolution on health concerns associated with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which includes criteria for setting up [Cell Towers] and high-voltage power lines. They state: “In this context, it is important to ensure at least that schools, crèches [nursery schools], retirement homes, and health care institutions are kept clear, within a specific distance determined by scientific criteria, of facilities of this type.

The Vancouver School Board (VSB) passed a resolution in January 2005 that prohibits construction of cellular antennas within 1000 feet (305 m) from school property.
Palm Beach County, Florida, the city and county of Los Angeles, California, and New Zealand have all prohibited cell phone base stations and antennas near schools due to safety concerns. The decision not to place cell antennas near schools is based on the likelihood that children are more susceptible to this form of radiation.

In January 2008, the National Research Council (NRC), an arm of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, issued a report saying that we simply do not know enough about the potential health risks of long-term exposure to RF energy from cell phones themselves, cell towers, television towers, and other components of our communications system. The scientists who prepared the report emphasized, in particular, the unknown risks to the health of children, pregnant women, and fetuses as well as of workers whose jobs entail high exposure to RF (radiofrequency) energy.

The report called for long-term safety studies on all wireless devices including cell phones, computers, and cell phone towers and states: Wireless networks are being built very rapidly, and many more base station antennas are being installed. A crucial research need is to characterize radiated electromagnetic fields for typical multiple-element base station antennas and for the highest radiated power conditions with measurements conducted during peak hours of the day at locations close to the antennas as well as at ground level.

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