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  Medical Issues Of EHS ElectroHypersensitivity

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I strongly reccommend that you read the The Canadian Human Rights Commission Research Project, The Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities. (Sears, 2007) Link. It will help you better understand the issues surrounding your health care and recovery.
The following are excerpts from this report.




The "General Adaptation Syndrome" model underpins modern medicine, describing how the body responds to "stressors" (e.g. chemical agents, vigorous exercise, emotional loss). If the stress does not kill, initially there is a "flight/fight" response, then a period of adaptation and then resistance to the stressor. Eventually, if the stress continues for long enough, or there is a sudden surge of stress, adaptive mechanisms are exhausted. This brings generalized breakdown of body systems and non-specific illness. Recognition of these universal bodily reactions to stressors of all types, which are mediated via the pituitary/hypothalamus/adrenal axis, spawned the science of psychoneuroendocrine immunology.

Ashford and Miller described this scenario as "Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance" (TILT), a disease paradigm affecting a broad cross-section of society, including veterans of war, workers in many professions and trades, and children in poorly ventilated or maintained schools. This toxic overload is treated by reducing the number of stressors, including chemicals and allergens in the body, the surroundings, food and water, as well as electromagnetic fields, currents and radiation. Reduction of emotional stressors may also help.


The balance of scientific evidence and experience indicates that environmental sensitivities generally arise from physiological causes, although there are many neurological and psychological consequences. Physiological responses to environmental factors vary greatly among individuals, and individuals’ experiences must play an important role in determining treatments. Once environmental factors initiating and triggering environmental sensitivities are addressed with safe housing, workplaces, food and water, then psychosocial interventions may assist people. The comprehensive biopsychosocial model of medicine, treating the body, mind and environment, is therefore the most appropriate and effective framework for treating environmental sensitivities.

City of Lismore, Australia
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Daftah, United Arab Emirates, Daftah, UAE


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