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Phone Mast Radiation

Over the years, technology has really taken off. It does not take much to notice how far we have come from past years. There are many tasks we can do, and options we have that we did not have before. We can chat with people across the globe and cell phones allow us more freedom than ever. However, with the benefits, come consequences too. Radiation has become a big concern among scientists. It is said that many diseases and illnesses may be provoked by all of the technology surrounding us. It is not only limited to our phones, but also other household electronics. The harmful elements are known as electronic magnetic fields (emfs). These cause radiation to permeate from modern appliances as well as other types of technology.

The one device that seems to attract more news than any other is the cellular phone. This mobile device has been the basis of more controversy than even microwaves. This is because the cell phone is something almost everyone has and uses maybe more than they should. What makes the cell phone the most prone for harmful emfs is that its use can then create a sort of antenna for electromagnetic radiation. In other words, it helps it along.

Scientists have noticed this pattern of occurrence and have taken steps to design and invent devices that can help block the harmful radiation. One such device is a chip that attaches to your phone. This chip serves as a barrier between you and the radiation waves. For Blue Tooth users, it is now recommended to use an airtube instead of regular wires. Scientists have even made special cell phones with some of these devices built in them.

How much do these devices cost? The special cell phones may cost quite a bit. However, the chips are a moderate cost and give you the option of buying one, six or twelve packets. This is because these particular chips can also attach to household appliances that have radiation.

Scientists have said that it would take many, many years for an illness to effect ones? health. That may be a positive thing, giving us time to find alternatives and other ways of protection.

As of now, there are certain precautions you can take to help reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation you are exposed to. Among these precautions are limiting cell phone use, only using a cell phone when it is fully charged, holding it a certain angle, and even using regular cell phones instead of head sets. As previously mentioned, there are now products you may purchase to help reduce your risk of exposure.

The verdict is still out on electromagnetic radiation and its harm. There have been some links from radiation to persons with illnesses. However, there were other factors in these cases. It is still a research in progress. The years to come should provide more evidence, as well as more ways to protect us against it.



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