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Are Cordless Phones as Dangerous as Microwave Ovens?

Yes, experts say.

Cordless phones and microwave ovens emit microwave radiation, as well as cell phones, antennas, wireless computers, and Wi-Fi. Most cordless phones operate at the exact same frequency as a microwave oven. These frequencies range from 300 MHz to 300 GHz.

So what makes it so dangerous?

These microwave radiations that carry bits and pieces of data from our wireless gadgets also carry with them a wave of destruction.

To start with, the microwave oven emits two types of radiation. These are the microwaves or high frequency radio waves, and the 60Hz magnetic fields found in most appliances. The door of the microwave is the most dangerous place for microwave leakage. This is quite alarming for those who like to watch the food inside the microwave during cooking. In addition, microwave causes harmful effects on food. Carcinogens, the cancer-causing substances, can be produced, and the leakage of toxic chemicals from the packaging of foods can occur. There may even be destruction of the nutrients in the food that you are about to cook in the microwave.

The cordless phones are no exception. Recent research revealed that they constantly emit high levels of radiation, even when not in use. Standing just a meter away can cause as much danger. The problem and root of the cause lies in the cordless base station, or what is called the charger. It can emit radiations 50 times higher than what scientists consider safe. These levels only drop to a safe 0.05 volts per meter when you are at least 100 meters away from the phone. And if you think about the location of most cordless phones in houses, they are located mostly in the bedroom, near the bed. Just think of the dangers that these phones can bring to our lives. The most common cancer caused by radiations such as these are leukemia, followed by breast cancer and brain tumors. Headaches and insomnia are also common effects of radiation from cordless phones.

Most people are now turning to plug-in phones as a safe alternative, and using the conventional and traditional way of cooking. The next time you think about buying a cordless phone, microwave oven, and even a mobile phone, think about the harmful effects of microwave radiation, and what it can do to our lives.



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