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Fertility and Cell Phone Radiation

No one can deny that people are having more and more trouble having babies these days. Just look at the explosion in the number of fertility clinics across the United States and Western Europe. What's the cause; environment, diet, pollution? Well, recent research points to electromagnetic radiation as a key factor.

It's known that electromagnetic radiation, in high doses, can serious affect your body. After all, an x-ray can see right through you! So, were always told to avoid exposure to high levels of any kind of radiation. Yet, what about repeated exposure to low levels; what are the long term health risks associated with that? That's where the problem with cellphones comes into play.

Lots of people use them these days, and you can spend hours with one pressed up to her head or strapped to your waist, or even hooked to your ear all the time! As a result, you are getting a constant influx of radiation pumped into your body. You may think that such a minute amount of radiation is nothing, but the next time you're done with a long phone call, run your hand over the side of your head. More than likely, it's going to feel a bit warm. That is due solely to the radiation emanating from your phone!

Think about that; your skin made warm just from that. And, if your skin is warm, what's going on beneath it? The radiation is heating your blood and bones, and the gray matter of your brain. None of that is good for you and your overall health.

So, what does this mean in terms of fertility? Doctors warn that pregnant women should not wear a cellphone unit at their waist as their developing fetus can be at risk for birth defects. Beyond that, the radiation can affect their ovaries and uterus, thus decreasing their chances of even conceiving. For men, the risks are similar. Keeping a cellphone clipping at the waist can adversely affect the testicles and a man's sperm count.

When you consider that undeveloped nations are not having trouble with fertility as evident by their burgeoning populations the fertility problem is something related to our modern high-tech world. Some people will point to the foods we eat, to the chemicals in our water, and so on.

Yet, not everyone is having trouble having babies. More and more data supports the theory that electromagnetic radiation is the chief culprit. Check out the information available through various websites, and you'll come to learn about the steps you can take to reduce the health dangers associated with cellphone use.



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