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Fertility Disaster Number One: Cellphone Radiation

Every woman starts planning her future wedding and what it will look like. Following that, is the idea of what her future children will look like with the guy she is dating at the time. So, what happens when that cell phone could be a fertility issue? Scientists say that that is what can trigger the problems some of you ladies have when trying to get pregnant. Now days, everyone is in such a craze about too much radiation, that they are taking some measures. One of these just happens to be using the headsets that they have out now days.

The problem with headsets you ask? A lot of these headsets have it where you have to have your phone with you at some point and a lot of women are wearing their phones on their belts. This is near their waists of course. The radiation goes directly then to the woman's reproductive region, causing a chance for a harder time of getting pregnant. Men, don't think you are out of the woods. Just as much as you stay away from too much Mountain Dew for the factor of reducing your sperm count, so does the attaching your cell phone at your hip. It has been proven that men have the same risks as women do of the radiation affecting their fertility rates. How's that for food for thought?

Now, for those women who are pregnant and reading this I haven't forgotten you, take precautions yourself. Just because your baby is in the womb doesn't make your baby out of the woods. The amniotic sac is the protective fluid around the fetus, but with exposure to too much radiation, it can do serious damages in the line of birth defects. So, how can you alleviate the risks of this? Try putting your cell phones in your purse ladies. That's one of the big tips. Hold your phone as you enjoy the comfort of your headsets, they aren't all bad. There are more tips out there, but just limit how much you use your phones as it's more about how long you are exposed to the radiation over a good amount of time, but it is something to think about as more people are surviving in life with the need for their cell phones.. Doing this and you'll have one less thing hindering you when creating that family!



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