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Low Melatonin Consequences: DNA Breakage and Chromosomal Damage

Research done by Dr. Lai and co-workers at the University of Washington , Seattle showed that ELF as well as RF/MW exposures cause significant increase in the amount of DNA breakage in rat brain cells. The research done was also confirmed by other researchers.

 Dr. Lai wrote: "most cells have considerable ability to repair DNA strand breaks; however, some cells only have a limited ability to handle this; such as the brain and nerve cells which therefore could accumulate DNA break." Cumulative DNA breaks may affect cell function and may be the cause of slow onset of certain diseases like cancer. It is hypothesized that for a cancer to develop, the DNA damaging agents induce mutations in the DNA structure, which leads to _expression of certain genes and suppression of other genes resulting to uncontrollable cell growth. So, damage to cellular DNA or lack of its repair could lead to the initialization of tumor development. A cell will die when too much DNA damage is accumulated over time. Also, cumulative DNA damage is also shown during aging.

Now back on the rat experiments, Dr. Lai reported that EMF induced DNA breaks could be blocked by treating these rats with melatonin.

EMF exposures are also associated with chromosomal damage, according to Dr. Cherry's summary based on a number of studies associating on EMF exposures. The Wireless Technology Research (WTR), an industry support group, reported that cellular phone radiation can triple the number of chromosomal abnormalities in the human blood. The chairman of this WTR is Dr. George Carlo told the Microwave News that their research group has found links between the use of cellular phones and cancer.

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