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Microwaved Water
See The Effect Upon Living
Organisms Fed With It
The experiment was divided it into two parts. The first part was heated to boiling in a pan on the stove, and the second part heated to boiling in a microwave. Then after the water treated had been cooled. The water was used to water the two identical plants to see if there would be any difference in the growth between the pan boiled water and the water boiled in a microwave. The theory was that the chemical composition of the water may be altered by the microwave. As it turned out, we were amazed by the results.

microwave ovens and cell phone radiation affecting plants
An experiment was made to see how plants or any living organisms react to microwave radiation. Bottle A is microwave-heated water, while Bottle B is purified water. See the pictures above and compare the difference of their appearance. Both of them were treated at the same time. The plant in Bottle A tends to wither so soon, while Bottle B showed that the plant is still healthy and perky.

Another experiment was done on potted plants showing the effects of Microwave-heated water, which is shown below.

microwave oven water plant experiments

Day 1: The plant was pruned back to record new growth.

microwave oven radiated water and plant experiments

Day 3: The plants are continuously watered regularly with Pot A in microwave-heated water and Pot B in purified water. See the difference between the two? Pot A seemed to be a bit thin and stopped sprouting leaves, unlike with Pot B; plus the color of the leaves started to differ. Pot B has a healthier color of leaves than Pot A.

plants grown in microwave radiated water see the results

 Day 5: On day 5, you can see the major difference of the two pots. Pot A seems to be slowly drying out and dying while the plant in Pot B continues to grow and have a healthy color on its leaves.

day 7 of microwave radiated water plant experiment

Day 7: By this time, the plant in pot A looses its leaves and withers. You can tell how a microwaved-water affected the plant in pot A.

microwave radiation water and plant experiments day 9

Day 9: As we approached the end of the experiment, the plant in pot A totally died out while the plant in pot B continues to grow healthily. This concludes that microwave-heated water affects the living tissues of an organism. This simple experiment shows the possibility that radiation can cause alteration of the DNA structure of a certain organism or substance (in this experiment, water) ending in the mutation of that particular substance.

What happens to all of the food we heat in our microwave ovens? What of the baby's formula we heat in the microwave? What is the effect upon the babies gentle developing organs? What does over 20 years of using water and eating food heated out of a microwave do to our bodies? We need to stop and think about these plants above and what they are trying to tell us through this experiment. Repeat this at home and you will find the same results. This may give you a clue as to why the Russian banned it from their country after World War 2 even though they invented it.


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