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Available for Interview:  Paul Sean Fitzgerald Fitzgerald   paul@emfnews.org            201.484.7652

            Largest Human Biological Experiment on the Planet

 Single Greatest Pollutant on this Earth! 

If this pollutant were visible, “Modern Cities Would Be Dark at Noon”, says Home Radiation Specialist, Mr. Fitzgerald.  It is called Electromagnetic Smog.  Being constantly irradiated by so much electrical energy is known to debilitate and kill.  After heading cell phone research at Sweden’s Lund University, Neurosurgeon Leif Sandford calls exposing brains to microwaves from “mobiles” the largest human biological experiment ever.  Neurological effects have been shown to occur within minutes of a single exposure.  


      Home Radiation Specialist tells your audience:     


  • Two things the cell phone industry doesn’t want the public to know.

  •  How the cell phone industry covered up a 6 year, $25 million dollar study

  •      proving these devices are not safe for human use

  • That there are over 500 documented studies on the dangers of cell

  •      phone radiation and where to find these studies..

  • Symptoms people are noticing from over-exposure to cell phone radiation.

  • How long a person can talk on a cell phone before it becomes dangerous?

  • What cell phones, cordless phones and microwave ovens have in common?

  • How talking on your cell phone in your car is like being in a radiation cage.

  • Why hands free headsets are not safe.

  • New technological solutions to make your home & cell phone safe.  








    ADULT(25%)     10 yr. old (50%)    5 yr. old (75%)

    WHO IS Paul Sean Fitzgerald?


      *Founder of the Research Center For Wireless Technology 

    *Expert in the field of E.M.F Radiation 

    *Graduate of New Jersey Instituteof Technology

     *Home Radiation Consultant

    *Educating Public on Dangers of Electro-Magnetic-Fields 

    -Author of Cell Phone Friend or Enemy.




    online cell phone cell tower radiation educational book



    Air tube headsets

    that emit no radiation and education of the best ways to protect yourself.

    cell phone radiaton education book online



    Interviews and EMF Radiation Educational & Safety Products Available by calling

    201.484.7652 1-888-470-9886  (Email) Paul@emfnews.org  

    Radio shows and Speaking Engagements


    Paul Sean Fitzgerald

    EMF expert and founder of the Research Center for Wireless Technology,

    Paul Fitzgerald, graduate from New Jersey Institute of Technology,

    has been studying Electromagnetic Fields for over 15 years now.

    He has done over 100 radio shows and speaking engagement in 2006 and has his recently released book "Cell Phone Friend or Enemy."

    If you wish to book Mr. Fitzgerald he can be contacted for speaking engagements or radio shows at 201.484.7652 or 808.281.1016


    Sample Radio Shows:

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    Research Center For Wireless Technology


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