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Worry over site planned near to ARI
Aberdeen mobile phone mast residents greatly object to it.

By Lynn Kernan
Published: 09/08/2008

A MOBILE phone giant wants to install new masts across Aberdeen. Residents have hit out at one proposed site near a popular park. Vodafone has lodged eight separate applications for equipment. Of these, six are plans for masts with transmission dishes on top. They would be between 12m and 15m high and would be at Westburn Drive, Abergeldie Terrace, Queens Road, King's Gate, King Street and Cairncry Road. One of the applications is for eight pole-mounted antennas and four equipment cabinets at The College bar on Alford Place. Listed building consent to remove windows is also wanted. The windows would be replaced with reinforced plastic, and the antennae would be underneath. Rosemount Community Council has objected to the Westburn Drive application.

Chairman William Jaffray said: "It's actually going to be right on the edge of Westburn Park and across from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. "I personally don't think it should be beside children or the hospital. And I don't know why they are needing all these antennae throughout the city. "I am with Vodafone myself and I get the same reception everywhere in the city."

A spokesman for the phone firm said the new equipment was needed to boost advanced network services like 2G and 3G. He said: "Vodafone requires a number of new base stations in the Aberdeen area to improve the 2G and 3G coverage for our customers. "This will improve access to mobile phone services including high speed wireless broadband, with speeds similar to those available on standard broadband cable connections. "During the last six weeks, eight planning applications have been submitted, and in all cases pre-application consultation was carried out in accordance with industry commitments on best siting practice." Rosemount and Midstocket councillor Bill Cormie said the dependence on mobile phones means antennae are needed. "The sad reality is that everyone uses mobile phones and, although they are unsightly, they have to go somewhere," he said.



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