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 Are SmartMeters Dangerous Due to The Microwave Radiation they Emit? Part 1

Cordless Phones Health Risks

Blue Tube Headset

Cell Phone Tower Radiation

With a spectrum analyzer pointed skyward, Stephen Scott, a patient, self-described radio-frequency geek, tested for electromagnetic fields in the basement of an apartment building in downtown Oakland. He drew a wand-like instrument and directed it toward a small circular box affixed to a wall. He said he was measuring the strength of the radio frequency signals he caught on the spectrum analyzer. He directed the wand toward the appliance in question and laughed in quiet disbelief.

"I just got a big spike," he said. The wand's meter measures signals ranging in intensity from a weak green to a strong red with yellow and orange levels in between. For a split second, the lights shot into the red.

Scott is a remediation specialist for EMF Services, a company that surveys living and work environments for potentially harmful radiation. He was testing an electric SmartMeter recently installed by PG&E.

Are SmartMeters Dangerous Due to The Microwave Radiation they Emit? Part 2

Vallejo, California, USA
Peru, Lima, City
Kuwait, Kuwait City
Armidale, Australia
Greece, Athens
Grenada, St. George's
Campbelltown, Australia
Ireland, Dublin
Slovakia, Bratislava
Sierra Leone, Freetown


"Revolutionary New Technologiess
Protect You from the Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Radiation,

Computers, Bluetooth Headsets, Microwave Ovens,

Cordless Phones, and other Wireless Technologies."


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